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Waste Recycling

West solution:   We buy more than we can consume, and we throw away more than nature can absorb waste management is the biggest concern of the human population. Hence, we decided to keep our focus on composting and dry waste recycling process and help people to understand the need for the action

Home composting

Community composting

Dry waste composting

A bunch of fresh innovative ideas. SN generation combined of green + innovation = renovation of space bringing them renewed life.

we are a bunch of people dedicated to the cause of Sustainable development and the protection of the environment we come up with innovative ideas to keep the planet green and healthy.

our motto is to renovate + innovate for the green hence we are dedicated to Greenovation

For her

“For her” is the social initiative by recent innovation trust to distribute sustainable ministerial option to unprivileged women and adolescent girl.

Sustainability men austral awareness program, ILS Hospital , Fortis Hospital, Lalbazar(Police)

Bulk dry waste collection project by SN Greenovation from different establishments and communities.

SN Greenovation – Bintix project started on September 2020 from the start date to till 31st May 2022 we saved 95,283 ton of mixed dry waste by not sending it to landfill.

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