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Sustainable Living

Individuals are the most significant and the tiniest part of society. Our choices and daily routine effect the environment the most. While the factories pollute the air, shipyards and oil companies destroy water bodies and the land polluted by pesticides, each individual can still do their bit to protect the environment and save the planet. Sustainable living is the practice of an individual to lead a zero waste lifestyle; where our daily routine from grocery shopping to discarding our kitchen waste makes an impact. Each individual should try to reduce their carbon footprint by choosing alternative means of transportation, energy consumption and change food habits. This practice helps in restoring the ecological balance of the planet and closely follows the footsteps of sustainable development.

Our sustainable living blog will guide our readers and future partner through simple steps to achieve a Zero Waste Life Style. These steps need to be developed into habit that will grow into our daily routine. We will provide tips on how to classify waste and learn Waste Segregation. Waste Segregation is the process through which we indentify dry waste and wet waste, renewable waste and non-renewable waste. We will explain the need of Home Composting and bring out stories of individuals from all over the country who have embarked on their own green path with little help from us. We will also focus on how to lead a chemical free regular life. Through our projects and collaborations we will bring out stories from nook and corner of urban spaces.

Here we will also speak about the harmful effects of plastic and uses of petroleum products. A product created of natural resources yet so harmful, which we as an organization want to do away with. We will focus on the reduction of resource consumption and create less wastage to finally lead a life of Zero Waste. Sustainable living is a choice, there is always the easier and comfortable choice, but this the right choice a planet needs.


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