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Organic Gardening to Farming.

A garden that is free of pesticides, handcrafted and pruned by one’s own hands. We help you better the dream that grows on your balcony, a garden that nourishes on the compost from the in-house compost pit that we teach you how to make.

Urban gardening is a dream of today’s young professionals who in their fast life want to commit to the cause of a tiny green space. We provide you with materials required to start your own garden, we guide you through your plan and help you produce your own fruits of labour. Urban gardening is both a desire and a wonderful way to manage one’s own household wastage. We teach you to create your own compost pit from the materials that you store in your house or discard, the decompose pit will provide a natural fertilizer and help the cause of sustainable resource management and toxic waste management. If urban gardening is done with patience and care, it can be turned into a mini-farm that takes care of the supply of daily nutritional vegetables.

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