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Solid Waste Management

We buy more than we can consume, we throw away more than nature can absorb. Waste management is the biggest concern of human population. There is a never ending crisis of space and disposal. To tackle this problem , Bangalore citizen volunteer group with help of Karnataka High Court have come up with ‘Three Way Segregation Process’ for Solid Waste Management under ‘Two Bin One Bag project’, where we concentrate on composting process, dry waste collection process and toxic waste reduction process.

We provide lessons, and organize workshops, and consultancy in establishing zero waste source area. We provide services at community and individual level. We do trial runs by establishing compost pits in localities and help people to understand on the need, and how to reduce consumption of non-renewable products and lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. Our primary focus is to segregate the waste and help in proper allotment of the waste which would be beneficial to the environment.

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