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Interior Gardening

The technique to grow green spaces where sunlight is scarce: an enclosed space mostly found in residential area, here we concentrate on growing indoor plants and flowers, an industrial space or office area where natural resources are not available. Indoor gardening also focuses on various kind gardening like container gardening, hydroponic gardening, controlled environment agriculture, vertical farms and green walls.

The indoor garden may grow plants for decorative purposes like inside restaurants, in shopping malls, urban smart spaces. Interior gardening can be done on a small scale and sustained with well developed plans and designs.

Interior Gardening is also known as Interior Landscaping where we as an organization provide our customers and partners with planning, designing, reshaping, arranging and caring for the plants.

We will speak about projects and achievements in our interior gardening collaborations. We tell about experiences and challenges which will help our partners and readers understand this method of gardening better. We will also provide tips and suggestions on how to maintain an interior garden and bring out snippets of examples from all over India.


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