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Our Mission & Vision

We are committed to a greater responsibility. Our duty extends beyond manicured lawns and beautifully landscaped grounds — we have an obligation to also protect the environment.

Real beauty comes in conservation and preservation of our environment for future generations. This realization led us to investigate methods we could use to sustain our environment and minimize our negative impact while still providing top quality landscape management services.

SN Greenovation is committed to opening doors to help educate and motivate the general public, businesses, government agencies and other service providers about the benefits of using alternative fuels and environmentally responsible methods.

We believe the future of our environment depends on long-term sustainability. We are no longer willing to turn a blind eye to practices that carelessly and recklessly harm the environment — especially in an industry such as ours, where our business is to look after and protect it. Integrating new environmentally friendly technology as it becomes available will continue to be a priority at SN Greenovation.

For years, we have provided services that beautify our surroundings. For commercial property managers, we have maintained the grounds to make a positive impression on clients. In neighborhoods, we have designed beautiful and inviting common areas and welcoming entry ways maintained by the homeowner’s association.

Why Choose Us

A bunch of fresh innovative ideas. SN Greenovation combined of GREEN + INNOVATION = Renovation of space bringing them renewed life .

Within our organization, our staff members are very aware of the commitment we have to conservation. It’s more than a catchphrase or a gimmick, it’s a culture that penetrates the daily lives of our people.

Our Services
Waste Recycling
Landscaping is the process of creating a garden in anallotted space by altering its design and adding flora and fauna in it. The process of landscaping requires observation of and expert eye, who understand the climate and requirements of a region to maintain a green zone. With growing demand for a personal peaceful place in...
Landscaping Service

Create a toxic free piece of green art.

Solid Waste Management

Create Zero Waste Source Area by offering way of sustainable living.


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