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Save Our Planet

Choosing the planet’s welfare over convenient and hazardous consumption of resources needs support from everyone.

We thanks to all of You who (individual / organization) supporting us to execute our mission to establish sustainable environment through our campaigns.

Patrons can choose the way they want to donate to our ideas, plans and works. They can get involved with the execution of ideas and provide us their time, they can donate us their resources and materials and finally they can help us financially by making monetary donations to our projects.

Each of our patrons’ names will be mentioned in our list of supporters.

You can select your choice of support to from below mentioned initiative.

“ For Her”

( You can sponsor / donate re usable cloth pads Or menstrual cup to all underprivilege adolescent girl and women. Your support not only help them to taking care of their health , it also support our mother earth health too.)

“Say No To Single Use Plastic Product “

( You can support by donating your time to make others understand the ill effect of plastic uses Or you can support by contributing the cost for re usable cloth bags .)

“ Create A Green Oasis “

( You can contribute to build Oxygen enriched clean locality by planting tree .)

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