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Welcome To SN Greenovation

We are bunch of people dedicated to the cause of sustainable development and protection of environment. We come up with innovate ideas to keep the planet green and healthy. As an organization we provide services that cater to the environmental needs of an individual or of a corporate. We provide consultancy services on matters of wastage management, reduction of toxic waste, landscaping, alternative means of producing everyday products and practices like: bathroom cleaners, cloth sanitary napkins, waterproof cloth bags, urban gardening.

Our motto is to renovate + Innovate for the Green, hence we are dedicated to Greenovation. SNGREENOVATION is the brainchild of Ms. Sujata Nandy’s dedication to environment and years of experience as a consultant.

We are focused to establish Zero Waste Lifestyle.

Our Services

Organic Gardening

A garden that is free of pesticides, handcrafted and pruned by one’s own hands. We help you better the dream that grows on your balcony, a garden that nourishes on the compost …

Landscaping Service

Landscaping is the process of creating a garden in anallotted space by altering its design and adding flora and fauna in it. The process of landscaping requires observation of an expert eye…

Solid Waste Management

We buy more than we can consume, we throw away more than nature can absorb. Waste management is the biggest concern of human population. There is a never ending crisis of space and disposal…

Waste Recycling Service

SN Greenovation waste management social enterprise that is moving India’s solid waste sector to models that are simultaneously environmentally …


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